Family Friendly Schools Initiative & Volunteerism

Family Friendly Schools Initiative

The Family Friendly School initiative has been developed by the DeKalb County School District’s Department of Parent and Family Engagement to help schools create and maintain a positive learning climate. This initiative will engage families and build a positive relationship between our families and the school. This initiative will improve student academic achievement and strengthen the family-school partnership. It is our goal that all schools communicate “Welcome!” to students and families by creating an environment that is friendly, inviting, and culturally sensitive.


Volunteering provides opportunities for family and community members to become partners in education with DeKalb County School District, by helping our students and schools. Volunteers can strengthen school-community relations and support student achievement. We thank our parents and community volunteers in advance for supporting our school by donating their time and talent that will contribute to the educational experience of our students.

Please refer to this document for a full description of this program

Volunteer Training

The Department of Parent and Family Engagement will offer virtual Volunteer Training sessions every Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. Evening sessions will be available by appointment only. Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person Volunteer Training sessions have been suspended until further notice

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DeKalb County School District Exceptional Volunteer Award

The Exceptional Volunteer Award is an annual award given by the DeKalb County School District’s Department of Parent and Family Engagement. It is a great way to thank the many special DCSD volunteers and organizations that serve our district. Recipients will receive the Volunteer I.M.P.A.C.T. Award at the end of the school year. The objective of this award is to encourage school volunteerism, recognize, honor and appreciate volunteers who have made significant contributions to DeKalb County School District.

Family Friendly Schools Initiative

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