Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy addresses the challenge of achieving a strong connection between the district’s international and culturally diverse families. We recognize families of English Language Learners as a valuable part of school communities and the overall success of the schools. It is our goal to bridge communication gaps with our non-english-speaking communities and diverse cultures, by offering resources and information through several outreach platforms, communicate in their spoken languages and advocate on their behalf. We will accomplish this by ensuring that the following actions are taken:

• Strengthen home-school partnerships on behalf of ELL students
• Recognize and build upon our ELL parents’ strengths
• Harness the energy and ideas of staff, ELL parents, and students in shaping partnerships
• Engage school-wide staff members beyond the ELL/ bilingual departments
• Advocate for and allocate resources on behalf of ELL families

Our first step in realizing this goal, is the creation of the Welcome to DCSD: Exploring Our School District, resourceful online program. This workshop series will assist the parents and their child(ren) in making a smooth transition into the school community. Also, it will equip them with the knowledge necessary to navigate new educational experiences and receive additional information regarding the supports available to promote the success of their child(ren).

Please refer to this document for a full description of this program

Cultural Awareness

Our cultural awareness initiative is designed to be exciting, interactive and thought-provoking. Workshop activities will encourage participants to do a deep dive into the issues that surround culture including how it feels to be an outsider, how language can complicate communication and the rewards that come from making the effort to overcome prejudice and learn from those who have different beliefs and ways of doing things. We will also use the power of role-play to create empathy and practice new skills learnt.

Translation & Interpretation Support

Facilitate translations and interpretations of standardized communication documents in an effort to promote effective school family partnerships. We will work in close collaboration with The International Welcome Center to develop necessary tools, and the Family Friendly Schools Initiative & Volunteerism Program to create a database of volunteer translators and interpreters to assist with nonofficial needs.

Multicultural Affairs

We will promote and support the creation and development of school-wide cultural activities such as International Day/Nights, Hispanic Heritage month and Cultural Festivals. These activities will promote greater understanding of our differences while encouraging conversations that help us learn about our commonalities.

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

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