Family Wrap Around Services

Our parent and family wrap-around services focus on supporting the mental, social, and emotional health & wellness of the entire family by strengthening parents’ capacity to overcome socioeconomic bearers and in-home challenges that negatively affect their children’s academic achievement.

We offer parents and guardians a direct line to resources, supports, and services to address their needs. In addition, we offer several interactive workshops, seminars, and townhall meetings to assist parents in building their capacity to better support their children.

The theory behind wrap around services is rooted in three (3) major principles:

1-Students whose health & wellness needs are attended to will be healthier, more focused, and better able to learn.

2-Families engaged with schools and supportive services will have increased capacity to support child learning

3-Schools, having additional systems for confronting social challenges that impede learning, will allow teachers and administrators to focus on instruction.

Please refer to this document for a full description of this program

CARE: Chronic Homelessness, Access to Health, Rehabilitation, Economic Literacy

CARE: Chronic Homelessness, Access to Health, Rehabilitation, Economic Literacy This initiative is an interdepartmental and interagency collaborative effort to reduce and eliminate the complex trauma students may bring with them to school each day. This trauma, which may result from chronic homelessness, inaccessible health services, a culture of violence or drugs outside of school, and/or familial economic and financial instability, often manifests as aggressive or anti-social behavior in children at school. Evidenced-based programs and events (i.e. Words Not Hands) developed under this initiative directly connects DCSD parents to resources and providers who can address these needs before they lead to adverse childhood experiences that negatively affect student academic achievement. The C.A.R.E. initiative primarily functions as a Hub and living database, that connects parents to resources, supports, and services, while monitoring their progress throughout the delivery and implementation phases.

Initiative Collaborators: DCSD Student Support & Intervention, DCSD Title IV Prevention, Wellroot Wellness Services, WellRefugee Center, CHRIS 180, Legal Aid, Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Kaiser Permanente, DeKalb Community Service Board and DeKalb County Department of Family and Children Services.

To receive assistance through the C.A.R.E. initiative please complete the C.A.R.E. initiative entry form.


It’s Time to Regroup! Regroup is an interdepartmental and interagency Mental, Social, and Emotional Wellness Initiative for DCSD parents who are experiencing life events and situations that may affect the mental, social, or emotional health of their children and families. These life changes and situations may include grief, divorce, professional transitions, trauma, or other anxieties and difficulties. This district-wide initiative will be implemented (August 2020 - May 2021) through 1) monthly peer-led Family Support Groups that are facilitated by professional counselors and liaisons via the Regroup class in Microsoft Teams, 2) live and prerecorded mental, social, and emotional wellness workshops available via the Regroup class in Microsoft Teams, and 3) live large scale forums and townhall meetings offered once or twice quarterly via Zoom.

Families against bullying

This collaborative initiative is led by our department and the Department of Student Relations is designed to address and counter bullying and youth violence among our students through direct parent engagement and intervention. The four (4) main goals are: 1) Provide parents with opportunities to learn and adapt holistic approaches that increase their children’s confidence and capability; 2) Equip parents with skills, approaches and knowledge that enable them to help their children effectively navigate life choices; 3) Coordinate a supportive cultural network of parents that promotes bullying awareness and community responsibility; and 4) Create collaborations with local agencies that develop and implement youth & family-centered policies and practices. Through this initiative we will offer parents and guardians a series of workshops presented by Dr. Quentin Fretwell, Administrator in the Department of Student Relations. Dr. Fretwell brings expertise in anti-bullying initiatives through his work as school administrator, retired Director of Student Relations, and a state and regional presenter on school discipline, safety/security, attendance and bullying. The workshops will be accessible through The FAB Life class in Microsoft Teams, with a live video meeting for each workshop, supplemental materials, and evaluation forms. Each parent who completes all nine workshops will receive special acknowledgment during an end-of-year celebration in May 2021.

Parent & Family Wrap Around Services

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