Student Academic Support

According to Grace Chen’s Public School Review: Parental Involvement is Key to Student Success. April 30, 2018. Research shows that students’ Academic Achievement increases when parents and caregivers are involved in their children’s education. The more intensively involved the parents and caregivers are, the greater the positive impact on academic achievement. Research also shows that parental involvement not only enhances academic performance, but it also has a positive influence on student attitude and behavior. A parent’s interest and encouragement in a child’s education can affect the child’s attitude toward school, classroom conduct, self-esteem, absenteeism, and motivation.

We are committed to supporting our parents and caregivers through trainings and collaborations so that they can meaningfully impact their students’ academic success.

Please refer to this document for a full description of this program

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams Program (APTT)

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) is a model of family engagement that is grounded in the notion that schools can thrive when families and teachers work together, as genuine partners, to maximize student learning inside and outside of school. The model is research-based and aligns grade-level learning concepts, student performance data, and family-teacher communication and collaboration. One major benefit of this program is to create a team-based approach to parent teacher conferences. The team will consist of parents and teachers using a group conference platform. During the parent-teacher conference teachers will model various activities to assist with students learning at home. APTT focuses on foundational grade-level skills, which must be achieved by the end of the school year. Parents and teachers collectively meet three times per year to discuss students’ progress and acquire new skills.

The Parent & Family Engagement Department will be piloting this program for the 2020-2021 school year.

Parent Health Ambassador Program

The Parent Health Ambassador Program (PHAP) is a mutual partnership between the Dekalb County Board of Health and the DeKalb County School District. The PHAP program educates parents on the health and well-being policies on selected afterschool programs within DeKalb County School District. Parents will receive tools, resources, and information that promote a healthy lifestyle in afterschool programs. Students are encouraged to develop healthy eating behavior while attending afterschool programs.

· Creating healthy lifestyles to combat childhood obesity
· Access to volunteer hours through PHAP
· Incentives for participation

Participation requirements

· Participate in online training
· Assess snacks currently served in afterschool programs
· Collaborate with DCSD Parent & Family Engagement Department, Peer Master Trainers, and Afterschool Program Leaders.

Participating Schools: E.L. Bouie Elementary School, McNair Discovery Learning Elementary School, Narvie J. Harris Elementary School and Wynbrooke Elementary School.

Support for Grandparents - A Grand Affair

Grandparents have served as one of the most important safety nets for children whose parents are unable or unwilling to provide care. The goal of this program is to identify, promote, coordinate and disseminate information, resources, and best practices to help grandparents who are caregivers meet the educational, health and other needs of their grandchildren while maintaining their own mental and emotional health.

Student Academic Support

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