Parent Leadership & Advocacy Training

The Parent Leadership & Advocacy focus area provides DCSD parents and caregivers access to knowledge relating to student achievement, the workings of our school system, and skills in advocacy and educational support. We provide opportunities for parents with training and resources to grow, achieve, and empower greater levels of advocacy for children, schools, and community.

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Active Parenting

Raising children in today’s uncertain world can be a daunting task. Children are susceptible to so many forces around them, and they can be lost in the chaos without strong, positive parenting guidance. Active Parenting is a national program created by acclaimed parenting expert Dr. Michael H. Popkin, that features state-of-the-art courses that will teach you proven parenting techniques that will make positive changes. The program also uses sound psychological principles that have been research-tested and proven effective in all of the programs, with an emphasis on mutual respect, cognitive-behavioral approaches to change, personal choice, and responsibility.

Parents as Leaders (PALS) Parent Leadership Academy

PARENTS are at the center of our work and we believe that parents are the child’s first teacher! The Parents as Leaders (PALs) Parent Leadership Program is a tiered leadership development program for DCSD parents and caregivers. The purpose of PALs is to build parental capacity in the family, school, community, and themselves in order to support the academic success of their children. During the Parent Leadership Academy, parents will concentrate on the four categories of capacity building: Family, School, District and Community Leadership.

I.M.P.A.C.T. Huddles

The I.M.P.A.C.T. Huddles are part of the initiative for building the capacity of families and school staff to partner in ways that support student achievement and school involvement. They will feature authentic dialogue on topics such as school safety, curriculum, vocational training, special education, cultural competence and other timely discussion topics recommended by the participants. This is a collaborative effort between multiple stakeholders; families, community members, and DCSD district and School Staff. We gather virtually or in person in a relaxed setting to have purposeful and impactful conversations, discussing how our unique differences can be pooled together to positively affect student achievement. These are not just conversations, each session will end with actionable steps, and solutions to the issues raised.

Parent Leadership & Advocacy Training

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